Akainu's Controversial Dialogue in One Piece Chapter 1116

Akainu’s Controversial Dialogue in One Piece Chapter 1116

The Shocking Revelation One Piece Chapter 1116

One Piece has been delivering shocking revelations as the Egghead Island arc nears its conclusion. In chapter 1116, Dr. Vegapunk revealed to the world that the Roger Pirates knew the truth about what happened during the Blank Century but remained silent.

This revelation was followed by a panel showing Akainu at the Marine Headquarters, saying, “You really plan to tell them everything, Vegapunk?” This puzzling scene led fans to believe that Akainu knows more about the Blank Century and the One Piece treasure than previously thought.

The Controversy

This detail is surprising because the World Government has always been adamant about keeping everything about the Blank Century a secret, even from the Celestial Dragons. However, a keen-eyed fan noticed a difference in tone between Akainu’s original Japanese dialogue and the English translation. According to them, Akainu’s words in Japanese had a mocking undertone, subtly changing the meaning of the statement. With a different translation, it could also be understood as, “You will tell them everything, Vegapunk?”

Akainu’s Reaction

The current fleet admiral’s reaction to Vegapunk’s message could also be a hint, suggesting that Akainu only knows a small part of the truth about the Blank Century, rather than knowing the entire truth about the world as Roger and his crew discovered. Akainu seems disappointed that Vegapunk knows something he doesn’t.

The Debate

The truth remains unclear, but this is causing ongoing debate in the fan community, as it is a case where a statement can be understood in multiple ways. One Piece fans are currently speculating, trying to find different meanings in Akainu’s words.

One netizen wrote, “Do you think it’s simply Akainu’s reaction to Vegapunk talking about the Ancient Weapons? We know most of the Marines know about the Ancient Weapons and try their best to keep the rumors about those weapons secret from the public. Yet Vegapunk has said all of that, angering Akainu. That’s how I see it.”

Another person said, “I understand he’s angry because he wasn’t informed about it and he wants to know everything about it.”


Although there are many interpretations of Akainu’s dialogue, the true meaning of his words will only be revealed after One Piece returns from its break. Chapter 1117 will be released next week, on June 16, 2024.