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Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 of the manga now has a release date; no indefinite hiatus!

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 of the manga now has a release date; no indefinite hiatus!

Today, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 104 published the 103rd chapter of the manga, the last that Akira Toriyama was able to work on during his lifetime, and the one that marks the end of the Super Hero arc.

A few days ago, it was confirmed that this chapter would also mark a pause in the manga’s publication, and all indications were that we’d be deprived of material for a few months (at least).

Well, it turns out that the “Dragon Ball Super” manga will be back much sooner than expected.

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Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 manga will be arriving soon.

  • Thanks to Manga Plus itself, we now have the publication date and time of the 104th chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, which will begin a new story arc:
  • The news of the moment is that the Dragon Ball Super manga will release its 104th chapter during May 20, 2024, more precisely at 5 p.m. in the afternoon. 😍
  • As expected, this April hiatus was expected to be due to the death of Akira Toriyama, which seems to be supported by this news. After all, the last arc change hiatus happened with Granolah’s move to Super Hero, and at the time we had up to 4 months without new content. With only 1 month left, we can assume that even with the planned arc change, this break is more for Toyotaro and the rest of the professionals who worked directly with Toriyama-sensei to have time to properly digest the news of his death . 🤔
  • Coming back to the Dragon Ball Super manga centrally, all eyes are obviously on how Toyotaro will handle the plot from here on out. First of all, it will be a matter of seeing if it’s finally Black Frieza’s turn or if the story will move in a different direction or another, but this will most likely be something that remains a total secret until a good part of May. 😶
  • The fact that the “Dragon Ball Super” hiatus only lasted a month probably means that Toyotaro and Toriyama had already planned everything for the months to come.
  • We can imagine that the story of “Dragon Ball Super” was not created month by month, but that it more likely had a roadmap of which we do not know how long it would last.
  • Anyway, even if the future developments of the work continue to carry Toriyama-sensei’s touch, the challenge Toyotaro faces as the heir of “Dragon Ball” is certainly not the least.
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