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"Haikyuu!!" regains its position as the best-selling manga in Japan thanks to the success of its film.

“Haikyuu!!” regains its position as the best-selling manga in Japan thanks to the success of its film.

“Haikyuu!!” once again becomes this dynamic anime franchise that was on everyone’s lips at one point.

After a few years of hiatus, the release of its first film at the end of the series is met with great success.

This is reflected not only in its box office performance in Japan but also in its logically regained foothold in the manga industry after its conclusion.

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The manga “Haikyuu!!” regains the top spot in the Japanese market.

Ci-dessous, je vous présente le graphique partagé par @WSJ_manga, dans lequel vous pouvez voir les chiffres de vente de manga (au Japon) du 12 au 18 février 2024 :

  • As shown in the table, Haikyuu!! takes the first place with just over 130,000 copies sold this week. 😎
  • While it’s true that Frieren isn’t far behind, with approximately 123,000 copies sold, managing to surpass what has been one of the major sensations in the anime scene for months speaks very positively of Karasuno. 😉
  • Another spokkon present in the list and which, like Haikyuu!!, could receive a significant boost in a few months, is Blue Lock. With the Episode Nagi feature film releasing in April and a second season of anime in the works, the selfish attackers will surely seek to reignite the success of their first season to challenge Haikyuu!! for the title of the most successful sports manga of 2024. 😋
  • It’s also worth mentioning that Haikyuu!! has a second film announced for its conclusion, which currently has no release date. However, it’s quite likely that when it does release, what is currently happening in the manga scene will repeat itself. 🤔

In the end, I believe the conclusion to draw is that everything is going wonderfully for “Haikyuu!!”. After all, one can’t ask for more than it being the most-watched film in theaters and regaining its position as the best-selling manga in Japan in just one week. But then again, this is only the beginning of the end, so we’ll have to wait for the entire conclusion of the anime to see its true impact.

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