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One piece 1111 The SECRET of JOYBOY and the ANTIQUE GIANT

One piece 1111 The SECRET of JOYBOY and the ANTIQUE GIANT

The news has echoed through the One Piece fan community: Eiichiro Oda, the genius behind this epic saga, is taking a well-deserved three-week break.

This break, far from being a sign of drama, is an opportunity for Oda to recharge and come back with even more creativity to enrich the One Piece universe. It’s also an opportunity for fans to take a break, reflect on recent events, and speculate about what the future holds for Luffy and his crew.

One piece 1111: Between Expectations and Realities

The last chapter before the break, 1111, managed to meet fans’ expectations, despite the lack of revelations about Zoro. The Gorosei once again showcase their power, and the mysterious giant robot awakens, promising exciting developments ahead.

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The Rise of the Gorosei

Saint Marcus Mars effortlessly breaks through the laboratory’s shield, highlighting the Gorosei’s fearsome efficiency. This scene underlines their dominance and power, except perhaps for Saturn, whose performance leaves something to be desired.

Luci’s Humanity

Luci’s request to Mars not to harm Kaku reveals an unexpected side of his personality, showing that beyond the ruthless warrior lies deep loyalty and camaraderie.

The Message of Vegapunk and the Awakening of the Giant Robot

The six-minute countdown to stop Vegapunk’s message adds dramatic tension to the narrative, while the awakening of the giant robot opens a new chapter filled with mysteries and promises.

The Mythology and Identity of the Giant Robot

The connection between the giant robot and Joy Boy, as well as its first words (“I’m sorry, Joy Boy”), intrigue and hint at a story rich in emotions and revelations about One Piece’s world’s past.


As One Piece enters a short break period, fans have much to ponder. Chapter 1111 offers a glimpse into fascinating developments and raises essential questions about the series’ future. What is the true role of the Gorosei? What is the history of the giant robot? And most importantly, what adventures await Luffy and his crew? The future promises to be epic.

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