Dragon Ball Super chapter 94 revealed in full with images

Dragon Ball Super chapter 94 revealed in full with images

Dragon Ball Super chapter 94 we’re still a few days away from the official release of the 94th chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga on MangaPlus (June 20), but we’re on the Internet and, as usual, everything we’ll see in the next snippet of the story has already been divulged by Toriyama and Toyotaro. It’s clear that we’ll be continuing the narrative of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, although in this case it’s confirmed that we’re already entering the final phase of the film, a phase filled with high-level action.

Leaked images from Dragon Ball Super chapter 94

Before getting to the content of the images, I’ll let you discover some leaks already circulating about Dragon Ball Super chapter 94 (via DBHype):

Summary of what we’ll see in chapter 94 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

In fact, leaks confirm that the 94th chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga is essentially as follows:

  • Piccolo “kidnaps” Pan on the orders of the Red Ribbon Army and takes him to the organization’s secret base ?
  • Piccolo goes to find Gohan and tells him about Pan’s kidnapping, convincing him to go to the Red Ribbon Army base to confront Dr. Hedo’s Gamma Androids ?
  • Gohan begins his fight against Gamma 1 ?
  • The fight between Gohan and Gamma 1 follows the same pattern as in the film: first he fights in his basic form but is overpowered, then he transforms into a Super Saiyan but it’s still not enough. Finally, Piccolo pretends to threaten Pan so that Gohan can reach his ultimate/mystical form, which is when the chapter ends ?
  • In terms of footage compared to the film, with chapter 94 of the manga, about 17-18 minutes more are adapted from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, so in theory there’s about half an hour of film left to adapt at this stage ?

From what I’ve seen, I get the impression that the next chapter of the manga will already show Piccolo Orange’s transformation, and at best I imagine Cell Max’s appearance/activation. This means that the “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” arc has a lot of issues to wrap up during August/September. Indeed, the 100th chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, which I personally expect to be very impressive, will already be immersed in the new phase of the franchise’s history.