Release date One piece chapter 1089

Release date One piece chapter 1089

One piece chapter 1089 the “Future Island” arc takes the breath away of all One Piece readers. The number of incredible, epic events can no longer be counted on both hands, and it looks like the climax is about to take over. What on earth is going to happen in Egghead, and why is Eiichiro Oda hinting that big news is about to shake up the OP world?

To find out, we’ll have to wait patiently for the release of the manga’s 1089th chapter, which will arrive later than expected. Here’s all the information you need.

L’anime Kimetsu no Yaiba ne reviendra pas avant 2027 ? D’où vient cette rumeur ?

When will One piece chapter 1089 be released?

When will One piece chapter 1089 be released?
  • The next chapter of One Piece will be officially released on Sunday, August 6, 2023
  • Therefore, as previously announced, there will be NO episode 1089❌ on July 30❌.
  • Contrary to what you may think, this little hiatus is not due to a change in Oda-sensei’s schedule, but to the fact that Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will be taking “a week’s vacation”
  • As soon as 1089 One Piece is available, it can be read for free on the Manga Plus website/application

What happened in chapter 1088?

  • In chapter 1088, Koby had his moment of glory by eliminating Avalo Pizarro’s gigantic arm with an attack called “Honesty Impact”, which is based on Garps Galaxy Impact.
  • Unfortunately, his master was no luckier: Luffy’s grandfather created an opening for his subordinates to escape from Hachinosu… at the cost of severe injuries after being impaled by Kuzan ????.
  • Garp laughed out loud after exclaiming that Koby and the others are the future of the Navy, and Aokiji froze him at the same time (as he had done with Jaguar D. Saul).
  • The fate of this character is uncertain, and the narrator closes the chapter by announcing that in 1089, the action will return to Tête d’Œuf, site of “an event that turned the world upside down”❗