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Announcement of the release date for Yuru Camp Season 3

Announcement of the release date for Yuru Camp Season 3

There was a desire for more “Yuru Camp.” And it’s not surprising, as we’re talking about one of those truly special anime, thanks to its tone and beauty. We’ve known for some time now that its season 3 will bloom this spring, so its fans are eagerly awaiting this season.

Today, I bring you more precise information. We indeed have a specific release date for the season 3 of “Yuru Camp,” as reported by AnimeTV NEWS. I’ll provide you with this information and other details about the new episodes right now.

After the Julius bombshell, Black Clover took a 3 month break to prepare for the final arc!

When will Yuru Camp season 3 be released?

  • The third season of “Yuru Camp” will premiere on Thursday, April 4th. 🗓 This means that we’ll be able to enjoy a new episode every Thursday starting from that date. 🎁
  • Although it’s not yet official, it’s believed that this season will consist of 12 to 13 episodes. ✅
  • With them, almost all of the manga material would be covered, which means that a possible season 4 might take some time to arrive. 🏕
  • Another important piece of information is that the animation studio is changing. C-Station is leaving the series, and the new episodes will be produced by 8-bit (“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, “Blue Lock“). 🎨 Therefore, you may notice some small changes in the series’ designs. ❗️

And that’s it for the information on the release date of the third season of “Yuru Camp”. What do you think of this news? Will it be one of your must-see anime this spring? I invite you to leave me your impressions in the comments.

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