Frieren: The Best Shonen Right Now, According to This Prestigious Manga Award

Frieren: The Best Shonen Right Now, According to This Prestigious Manga Award

Manga and anime fans have recently discovered a new gem: Frieren. After captivating audiences with its exceptional anime, the manga by Tsukasa Abe and Kanehito Yamada continues to delight readers and critics alike. It has even won an award that crowns it as the best Shonen right now.

Frieren: An Exceptional Work Rewarded

The Frieren manga is a true wonder. The anime produced by Madhouse a few months ago was already incredible, but it seems that the manga is just as exceptional. For an anime to truly triumph, it needs a solid foundation, and Frieren’s is so robust that it has just won the 2024 Kodansha Manga Awards in the best Shonen category. These awards, which have existed for nearly 50 years, are considered one of the most important in the manga industry.

Frieren: A Well-Deserved Success

The name of the Kodansha Manga Awards might suggest that only manga published by Kodansha are taken into account. However, Frieren is published by Shogakukan, proving that all manga have a chance. Although the winners are usually manga from Kodansha, Frieren’s victory seems even more deserved in this case.

Since the release of the anime, Frieren’s popularity has significantly increased. Its sales over the past few months make it the second best-selling manga in 2024, just behind Jujutsu Kaisen. Although Frieren is currently on hiatus, it is unlikely to surpass Gege Akutami’s manga in terms of sales, but this shows the enormous impact it is having on the manga industry.

Frieren: A Pillar of the Manga Industry

It’s no surprise that Frieren won this award in 2024. It’s the work that has best managed the momentum of its anime, and the Kodansha Manga Awards don’t usually focus on traditional Shonens when selecting their winner in the Shonen category (which is why manga like Blue Lock, Tokyo Revengers or Beastars have been awarded in the past). One thing is clear: Frieren has become a true pillar of the manga industry.

In short, Frieren is a work that deserves our full attention. Whether in anime or manga form, it is writing its own era and making history in Japanese culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this masterpiece!