My Hero Academia 424: The Epilogue Begins - A New Dawn Rises

My Hero Academia 424: The Epilogue Begins – A New Dawn Rises

My Hero Academia 424, takes us a few days after the final battle against All for One and Shigaraki. The war has ended, and the skies have cleared, bringing back the sunshine and blue skies. The first few pages of the chapter showcase the rebuilding efforts of the heroes, both from Japan and abroad. Cementos, a Japanese hero, and Salam, an overseas hero, are seen rebuilding a building, with two children excitedly waiting to move in.

My Hero Academia 424 Heroes from around the world lend a hand

The chapter also introduces us to some new overseas heroes, such as Big Red Dog, who is giving an interview, and Sona, a hero from class 2-B, who is using her quirk to help a pro hero in the reconstruction efforts. Sona’s quirk allows her to divide her body into multiple parts, which she can control independently, making her an excellent asset in the rebuilding process.

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The impact of quirks on society

A journalist in the chapter mentions that the reconstruction of the city would have taken over ten years without the help of the heroes and their quirks. This statement highlights the significant impact quirks have on society, not just in terms of protection and security, but also in the development and progress of the world.

Bakugo’s future as a hero

The chapter then shifts its focus to the hospital, where we see Bakugo, who has lost his arms in the final battle. The doctor informs him that his arms will not be able to function like before, and the best option for him would be to get robotic limbs like Mirko. However, Bakugo refuses, as his quirk is activated through the sweat in his palms. The doctor advises him to do only light exercises, as he is concerned about Bakugo’s heart, which was severely damaged in the battle.

Deku and All Might’s heart-to-heart

In the same hospital, we see Deku and All Might sharing a room, with Deku expressing his gratitude to All Might for everything he has done for him. Deku also mentions that he can feel his arms again, which is a positive sign for his recovery. All Might, on the other hand, is still struggling with the fact that he is no longer the symbol of peace, and Deku is now the one who has to carry that burden.

A new dawn rises

The chapter ends with a narration, stating that “the war has ended, but their story is not over yet.” The final pages of the chapter show Deku, Iida, and Kamijiro in their school uniforms, walking towards UA High School, which is also being rebuilt. The title of the chapter, “The Epilogue Begins,” suggests that the story is now shifting its focus to the aftermath of the war and the rebuilding of society.