Dragon Ball Daima: The Reason Why There's No New Trailer for the Anime in Months

Dragon Ball Daima: The Reason Why There’s No New Trailer for the Anime in Months

Dragon Ball Daima and Dragon Ball fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new anime in the franchise, “Dragon Ball Daima.” The show is set to debut in the fall of 2024, which means that there are only about five months left until its release. However, the lack of promotional material for the show has been concerning for some fans, especially since it is the last anime that Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, was able to work on before his death.

The Role of Shueisha in Dragon Ball Daima’s Promotion

In this case, the silence surrounding the show is not due to Toei Animation, as is usually the case, but rather to the management of Shueisha. AnimeAjay, an insider in the anime industry, has explained what is happening “behind the scenes” in the management of “Dragon Ball Daima.”

According to AnimeAjay, “Dragon Ball Daima” is not an original anime by Toei Animation, but rather a commissioned work by Shueisha. Therefore, it is Shueisha who is in charge of giving the green light for the various promotional materials of the anime to be shown.

Toei Animation’s Available Materials for Promotion

AnimeAjay also adds that Toei Animation has all kinds of materials available for deployment according to Shueisha’s orders. One of these is the Key Visual (the main promotional image), but he comments that it is most likely that we will not see it until there is a major event.

Shueisha’s Promotion Strategy for Dragon Ball Daima

But what kind of events are we talking about? According to what has been seen in recent years with notable presences in events such as New York Comic-Con, Shueisha follows two well-marked ideas:

  • To promote their productions through major international events.
  • To concentrate the majority of marketing efforts in the months immediately preceding the premiere.

This explains why “Dragon Ball Daima” skipped an event as important in Japan as AnimeJapan 2024, since it did not meet either of the two circumstances described: it was not an event of international caliber, nor was it close to the premiere of the new anime of Dragon Ball.

The Arrival of Dragon Ball Daima’s Promotional Materials

What does all this mean? That the new images and trailers of “Dragon Ball Daima” will arrive, but it is possible that we will not see anything until events such as the San Diego Comic-Con, which is held between July 25 and 28, or the New York Comic-Con, which will precisely take place in mid-October this year, begin to circulate in the US. Obviously, this ‘Modus Operandi’ on the part of Shueisha causes us to end up in great droughts of hype like the current one… but yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.