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My Hero Academia Chapter 387 DABI HAS AN ALTER OF ICE!

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 DABI HAS AN ALTER OF ICE!

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 reveals new information about the Himura family, a family that once did not mix with other families. Getten explains that this family was very peculiar, as they limited themselves to inbreeding in order to preserve the purity of their chilling power. The family was known for their highly effective barbells, but inbreeding ultimately had a negative effect on their greatness.

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We also learn that Getten is Dabi’s cousin, which is quite surprising since Dabi almost killed Shoto during the fight against the ice monster. Getten explains us that the Himura family has dispersed, and that’s how he was recruited by Re-Destro.

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 Himura Family

We also learn more about the awakening of a power and the different complexities it can take over time. This is shown to us by the appearance of a white cross on Dabi’s chest, perhaps this is the awakening of his power.

The chapter ends with a dramatic scene, where Tuya is in Rampage mode and can’t rely on anyone. David tries to reason with her, but finds himself powerless in the face of the situation. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the readers waiting for the next chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 Dabi awakens his power

In summary, chapter 387 of My Hero Academia is rich in revelations about the Himura family and the evolution of their powers. The dramatic situation at the end of the chapter keeps the readers on the edge of their seats and waiting for the next chapter.

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