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Release date Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 5

Release date Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 5

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 5 Senku and the others make progress in transporting their resources more efficiently. Here are the release date details for Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 5 entitled “Science Vessel Perseus”.

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When Comes Out Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 5

Episode 5 of Dr. Stone season 3 will be released on Thursday, May 4. The episode will be released in Japan at 22:30 JST.

Where to watch Dr. Stone: New World

Dr. Stone: New World is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. The previous seasons are also available on this platform.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

Senku, Ryusui, Chrome, Ukyo and Gen discuss Why-Man and their potential enemy. Senku then creates cathode ray tubes using a conical vial and some crystals. He takes it to the next level and creates radar and sonar. They go into the water and create an underwater sonar capable of catching fish. The Science Kingdom is thus on the verge of solving the mystery of petrification. Meanwhile, François creates various dishes from the piles of fish they have caught.

However, the next problem is the huge engines needed for the ship, which means they need large amounts of steel and oil. Chrome manages to solve the problem by creating a metal detector. He finds an iron deposit and everyone starts mining it. Senku says that they are entering the industrial age. But Kohaku and the others think about the difficulty of transporting the resources back. So Kohaku and the energy team start building paved roads, much to Gen and Ukyo’s surprise. Back at the mine, Senku and Chrome get around by creating mine carts.

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