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One piece 1082 Who is Hinokizu the fans already have their own theories about it.

One piece 1082 Who is Hinokizu the fans already have their own theories about it.

One piece 1082 Eiichiro Oda continues to introduce mysterious characters in the manga although it is the final saga.

It’s Friday and that means we’re only a few days away from the premiere of a new chapter of the One Piece manga. Eiichiro Oda’s work is having a spectacular time with a series of episodes filled with big reveals and fights that are highly anticipated by the fandom. And as expected, the first leaks of what’s to come have already emerged.

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Chapter 1081 of One Piece has already been leaked completely and can be read online in pirate form with a Spanish translation. That’s why, since yesterday, social networks and internet forums have started to fill with spoilers, and it’s interesting to note that a name is going viral and causing a lot of excitement among readers of the work. Who the hell is this Hinokizu?

One piece 1082 Hinokizu, alleged holder of the last Road Poneglyph

  • Hinokizu’s name first appeared in episode 1056 of the manga when Killer and Kid were discussing their next step to get their hands on the One Piece and let slip that this person would be related to the treasure❓.
  • What’s surprising is that in episode 1081, which will be released next Sunday, Blackbeard mentions Hinokizu again and says that he is rumored to possess the fourth and final Road Poneglyph ?❗❗❗❗❗❗.
  • Laffitte adds that this being sails the seas with a jet-black ship and that any ship that dares to approach him ends up sinking in a great whirlpool??????.

Is this a new character or a character we already know?

  • One piece 1082 Many believe that Eiichiro Oda is introducing us to a brand new character who will play a crucial role in the latest One Piece? saga.
  • However, many readers believe that Hinokizu can be none other than Monkey D. Dragon, as the two share many similarities:
  • Hinokizu means “fire scars,” and Dragon seems to have a few on his body?.
  • They both sail in all-black⬛ boats.
  • Dragon has always been suspected to have a fruit that allows him to control the wind, and if so, he could create large whirlpools (like the ones that appear when you approach Hinokizu)?.
  • In the past, some people thought that Sabo, Kuzan or Kid were Hinokizu’s real identity (because of his scars), but now they are all dismissed because of the whirlpools and the black boat❌❌❌❌.

One piece 1082 Personally, I’m very attracted by the idea that Monkey D. Dragon is the person who possesses the last Poneglyph of the Road, because it would lead him to participate in the race to get the One Piece and to enter in conflict with other powerful characters like Shanks or Blackbeard

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