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One Piece Surprise: Im Sama organizes an emergency meeting with 4 Gorosei after Luffy switches to Gear 6 in Egghead.

One Piece Surprise: Im Sama organizes an emergency meeting with 4 Gorosei after Luffy switches to Gear 6 in Egghead.

The wait of One Piece fans has finally paid off, Monkey D Luffy’s Gear 6 rose in chapter 1083 and started the Im Sama vs Dewa Nika Part II war on Egghead Island.

According to the latest One Piece leak from the reddit forum, Luffy finally shows a new form of the Hito Hito no Mi model Nika demon fruit power, namely Gear 6!

Luffy’s Gear 6 awakening occurred after the One Piece protagonist’s battle to the death against Gorosei Saturn, who came to Egghead on the orders of Im Sama.

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One Piece Luffy Pluton

One Piece Luffy Pluton

Luffy’s (Gear 6) enhanced Nika God power shocked Im Sama.

According to the leaked One Piece 1083, Im Sama immediately summoned 4 Gorosei (Gorosei Saturn was fighting with Gear 6 Luffy).

Im Sama, the head of the world government, held an emergency meeting after seeing Gear 6 Luffy.

The topic of the conversation between Im Sama and the 4 Gorosei is not known yet, but in the redit forum, it was said that there would be a war Im Sama vs Dewa Nika Part II.

Previously, Im Sama fought against the Sun God Nika (Nika God), who had become the power of Joy Boy, the king of the ancient kingdom of the Age of Emptiness in the universe of One Piece.

The war ended with Im Sama’s victory, while Joy Boy died burying the power of the Nika God within him.

However, according to the latest One Piece leak, the Im Sama vs God Nika war wasn’t over, it was triggered by Luffy awakening the power of Sun God Nika in the Wano arc.

By defeating Kaido in Wano, Luffy awakened his new power, Gear 5, which comes from the demon fruit Hito-Hito no Mi Model Nika.

So what is the connection between Luffy and the war between Im Sama and Dewa Nika?

With the rise of Gear 5 Luffy, whose power comes from Lord Nika, the world government, especially Im Sama, began to make moves.

In the SBS forum, a leak presented by a close friend of Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, has revealed several clues related to the story of One Piece that will be published in the last chapter.

Oda Sensei’s friend said that Im Sama felt Joy Boy’s heartbeat in Luffy after Gear 5’s resurrection.

Even Gear 5’s form reminds Im Sama of the God Nika that he fought in the void era.

Im Sama’s assertion that Luffy is a Joy Boy is also reinforced by the straw hat that Luffy wears.

Knowing this, Im Sama and the World Government then began to act.

The World Government, aware of Joy Boy’s resurrection, which has the power of the Nika God, immediately took action.

Im Sama sent a member of Gorosei to immediately seize the power of the Nika Sun God.

Much earlier, at the end of chapter 1076 of One Piece, Jaygarcia Saturn and Admiral Kizaru went to Egghead Island.

According to the leak of a friend of Oda, it is very likely that this island is closely related to the figure of God Nika, who represents a threat to Im Sama.

Saturn vs God Nika in One Piece 1083

According to a leak from the redit forum, One Piece 1083 will feature an epic duel between Gorosei Saturn and Monkey D Luffy (Gear 5).

In this leak, Gorosei Saturn renders Luffy helpless despite the power of Sun God Nika.

In an emergency and life-threatening state, Luffy would have finally managed to wake up Gear 6, which shocked Im Sama.

Im Sama was apparently able to follow the fight between Luffy and Saturn in Egghead thanks to the power of his God with the eye symbol.

Luffy’s Gear 6 power surge allowed him to escape Gorosei Saturn’s wrath, but it did not allow him to win the battle.

Gorosei Saturn was cornered, but one of the top 5 leaders of the world government was able to fend off Luffy’s attacks quite easily.

Oda Sensei is always very good at hiding a mystery in the story content, then revealing it at the right time.

This time, Oda reveals the power of a member of Gorosei, Jaygarcia Saturn.

In the fight against Gear 6 Luffy resurrected, Gorosei Saturn showed the destructive power of his staff.

Gear 6 Luffy was able to withstand the attack of Gorosei Saturn’s staff, but that’s because Luffy unleashed his full strength.

What will the fight between Gorosei Saturn and Monkey D Luffy on Egghead Island look like?

We are looking forward to the next chapters of One Piece.

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