One Piece 1082 Why is Blackbeard interested in Egghead Island?

One Piece 1082 Why is Blackbeard interested in Egghead Island?

One Piece 1082 Egghead Island, also known as Future Island, is home to Dr. Vegapunk and his six satellites. It is filled with futuristic technology that normal people can only dream of.

When the Straw Hats arrived on Egghead, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They saw robots, lasers, modified sea beasts and holograms.

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One Piece 1082 As they explore the island, they discover even more interesting things, including the six satellites of Seraphim and Dr. Vegapunk. The Straw Hats are baffled at first, but gradually begin to marvel at the technology created by the best scientists in the One Piece world.

One Piece 1082 Egghead Island arc was full of surprises for fans of mugiwaras and One Piece. Not only do they discover Seraphim’s project, but they also learn that Vegapunk’s life is in danger. The scientist himself reveals that he has touched the forbidden, which puts him in the crosshairs of the world government.

Where it all began

One Piece 1082 Dr. Vegapunk asks the Straw Hats to help him leave the island safely. Luffy doesn’t object to his request and gladly takes the scientist with him.

But before the Straw Hats and Dr. Vegapunk can leave the island, CP0 appears. The assassins were on a mission to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk. As the Sea Beast Weapons guarded the island, Lucci used the power of the S-Bear to break into the lab and began searching for their target.

Luffy and his friends stopped CP0 in his tracks. Despite this setback, the heroes managed to quell the threat of the assassins. After chaining Lucci and Kaku, the Straw Hats were finally able to leave Egghead

One Piece 1082 However, their hopes are dashed when Vegapunk’s main body disappears without a trace. The Straw Hats and the satellites set out to find it.

Shortly after they began their search, they were attacked by the Seraphim. This caused chaos on Egghead Island, and the heroes were unable to discover the identity of the traitor.

One Piece 1082 Many fans thought that the traitor could be Caribou, but it was later revealed that it was York. He had betrayed his creator and his fellow satellites because of his greed. He wanted to become the Sky Dragon, so he tried to make a deal with the Five Wise Men.

While the Straw Hats continued to search for Dr. Vegapunk, unbeknownst to them, a fleet of 100 ships was heading their way. Admiral Kizaru led the attack, accompanied by Saint Jegarcia Saturn. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the final chapter reveals that Blackbeard’s ship is outside the waters of Egghead Island.

One piece 1082 what does Blackbeard want?

Blackbeard is a notorious opportunist, willing to do anything to achieve his goals. However, the last time fans saw Blackbeard, he was dueling with Trafalgar Law. If he appears in Egghead, it will mean that Yonko has successfully defeated his fellow Worst Generation.

Later, in chapter 1079, we learn that Kid was defeated by Shanks. These two incidents put an end to the competition between Luffy’s two greatest rivals to become the king of the pirates.

However, there are several things that argue against the possibility of Blackbeard being near Egghead Island. First, Blackbeard appears to be fighting Law, and in a fierce battle, Yonko may have suffered an injury or two.

Second, Blackbeard specifically waited at the island because he knew that at least one of Law, Luffy, or Kid would get there. Finally, no ship is capable of traveling the distance to Egghead Island in such a short time.