One Piece 1091 Complete Summary ! The leakers forced it!

One Piece 1091 Complete Summary ! The leakers forced it!

One Piece 1091 In this captivating chapter of One Piece chapter 1091, the action intensifies and new revelations are made concerning the epic battle between Luffy and Kizaru. Despite expectations of an explosive confrontation, author Eiichiro Oda has some intriguing surprises in store that mark a crucial turning point in the current arc.

One piece 1091 Sentomaru Defeat

The chapter opens with Sentomaru’s swift defeat by Kizaru. This brief battle will not be fleshed out by flashbacks, but the foundations of a complex relationship between these two characters are laid. We discover that Kizaru has chosen justice over his family ties, offering a fascinating angle on his character.

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The Robot Marine Monsters

Before his defeat, Sentomaru unleashes a horde of robot sea monsters on the Navy fleet led by Kizaru. This action highlights the potential of Saturn, which has yet to show its true power. Saturn must protect the Navy fleet, which is in danger of being seriously damaged by these mechanical monsters.

Luffy’s arrival

one piece 1091 Contrary to expectations, Luffy’s entry into the battle is not explosive. He doesn’t transform into Gear Fourth right from the start. Luffy kicks Kizaru, who manages to block it using his normal form. This entry showcases Oda’s art of staging.

One piece 1091 Zoro vs Rob Lucci

The chapter offers some intriguing confrontations. The confrontation between Rob Lucci and Zoro is presented in the form of a double panel, foreshadowing major tensions. Rob Lucci’s attempted murder of Dr. Vegapunk is suggested, which could involve Zoro in the situation.

The Mugiwara prepare to leave the island

The Mugiwara prepare to leave the island, protecting Sunny and Vega Force One. Franky, Jaula Blanca and Lilith are in charge of this mission. They prepare their escape as the Navy tightens its grip around them.

New revelations and intrigues

A mysterious note is introduced: a character from One Piece Z with a metal arm is mentioned. This reference opens the way to multiple hypotheses, including the involvement of this character in a flashback with Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru. The author seems to be sowing the seeds for future exciting developments.


One Piece chapter 1091 offers a mix of action, revelations and mystery. While expectations are foiled regarding the fight between Luffy and Kizaru, new intrigues take place, promising exciting developments in the chapters to come. Oda continues to weave a complex and captivating tale, keeping readers on the edge of their seats for the rest of the Mugiwara adventures.