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One piece 1108 Blackbeard's final plan revealed?

One piece 1108 Blackbeard’s final plan revealed?

Before we talk about One Piece 1108 in the world of One Piece, Blackbeard’s grand plan has been revealed. The world can be interpreted as wanting Blackbeard, like Rokcs, to become king of the world back in the day, and that means his real goal is probably IMU on the throne of Mary Geoise.

And what can I say, that changes almost everything. Today, we’re focusing together on the complete Blackbeard theme, and if you don’t want to miss out on anything from One Piece.

The current One Piece chapter 1107 has triggered something big, so today we’re focusing entirely on Blackbeard, because if there’s one thing that’s already clear at this point, it’s that Blackbeard will be the final pirate antagonist for Luffy. However, in addition to Blackbeard, there’s also IMU, who was supposed to be destined for the finale before, as we always thought.

However, that’s changed a bit in this chapter. As we know, there’s a certain duality between Luffy and Blackbeard, a parallel that, of course, intertwines like ying and yang. Blackbeard is the one who represents darkness, and Luffy is, of course, the counterbalance. This means that Luffy symbolizes the sun and people’s hope, like the sun god Nika, as was recently revealed, and as Luffy inherited Roger’s will, it’s also very likely that Blackbeard inherited Xebec’s will.

One piece 1108 Blackbeard

This duality is something that continues until the end of One Piece, and if we assume, of course, that Luffy has inherited Roger’s will, then it is evident that Blackbeard must also have inherited someone’s will, and that person is likely Rocks, the Xebec. This is supported by several points: on one hand, both Xebec and Blackbeard were very interested in the history of the world.

Xebec already knew many secrets, and Blackbeard is also someone who wants to reveal the secrets of the world. According to Eiro, Blackbeard may even have been an archaeologist in the real world to discover the world’s mysteries. We must also not forget that Blackbeard’s ship is a sort of homage to Rox, the Xebec, as Blackbeard’s ship is named “Teach”, just like Xebec. It is also no coincidence that Beehive Island was once the headquarters of Rocks’ pirates.

Today, Blackbeard is there, in secret. This means that the connection with Xebec is undeniable here. And now, in chapter 1107, Van Augur answers Saturn’s question about what his current goal is there. He said the world, so “the world”. And we must not forget that Xebec’s dream was once to become king of the world, and it is probably this dream that Blackbeard is trying to achieve as a pirate, probably by first becoming the king of pirates, and then later going to Mary Geoise and challenging the gods there.

One piece 1108 Blackbeard returns

One piece 1108 Blackbeard's final plan revealed?

And personally, I have to make it clear that this declaration or concrete objective changes a lot of things. In practical terms, it would mean that Blackbeard’s goal is IMU, or the empty throne, to rule the world, and that he’s preparing accordingly.

One piece 1108 We must not forget that Blackbeard is someone who plans very long-term, is very patient, and of course implements his plan, even with the most cunning means, so it is not far-fetched to think that Blackbeard could succeed in achieving his goal. This would mean that if Blackbeard really has IMU, the Five Elders, the Tito, the Work on, then we might be completely surprised by the endgame of One Piece.

This concrete goal changes many things. Let’s look at Blackbeard’s crew, of course, and this crew is certainly predestined and perfectly designed to infiltrate something. I mean, Blackbeard’s pirates haven’t tracked countless Devil Fruits for nothing, Devil Fruits that are incredibly powerful and perfectly suited to attack the Five Elders and IMU.

One Piece 1108 We have, among others, Catherine Devon, who now in this chapter has the ability with her Devil Fruit to steal Saturn’s identity, to impersonate Saturn. This is quite impressive, which means that if Saturn or the Five Elders don’t know exactly what Catherine Devon’s ability is, it can of course be quite heavy.

One Piece 1108 And this ability could cause huge damage, as Catherine Devon, as Saturn’s identity, can command or of course provoke other things, as she now theoretically has the ability to control and manipulate in some way the entire Marine or to a certain degree, and also the other secret services of the World Government.

One piece chapter 1107 FINALLY! THE THEORY HAS BECOME…

So, with this move that Catherine Devon can now transform into Saturn, Blackbeard has several levers in his hands that he can activate, which brings huge advantages for Blackbeard’s plan.

Furthermore, we have of course Raftel in the crew, who apparently can work somehow with hypnosis. However, he can also easily infiltrate somewhere, as we saw when the Shichibukai met Sengoku. Raftel just appeared there without anyone noticing, to propose becoming a Shichibukai. Raftel is still a big mystery, of course, but he also seems to have a lot to do.

One Piece Chapter 1108 We also have Wooga with his Warp teleportation power, which is absolutely invaluable in every way and will be very, very useful. And of course, we must not forget Shiryu, who is invisible or can move invisibly. The invisibility fruit is perfect for such missions, and of course, Blackbeard with the darkness fruit that can practically nullify any Devil Fruit.

One Piece 1108 This is of course an incredibly heavy way to attack certain systems, and if all cooperate well, work well together, and harmonize in a fight, then enemies who don’t have Devil Fruits will very, very likely have a hard time, which is the case with the Five Whites and IMU. They don’t have Devil Fruits, most likely, which would make things very difficult.

Another piece of information is also very interesting, namely regarding Blackbeard’s lineage, because Saturn knows something about it, and of course, the theory is then very, very close that when Shanks met the Five Elders at the time, he spoke and reported that Blackbeard had a special lineage, which allows Blackbeard to have multiple Devil Fruits. If this is limited to two, we do not know for sure one hundred percent. It is also possible that Blackbeard may possess three Devil Fruits.

One Piece Chapter 1108 The possibility exists, and if Saturn knows something about it, it is not so improbable that Blackbeard might not be the only one to carry this phenomenon, and perhaps IMU is also someone who benefits from it, so that IMU may also possess multiple Devil Fruits. Blackbeard is living proof that it is possible, and that makes the whole thing so exciting. If Blackbeard were to really become the king of the world, it could completely change the game in the final war.

One Piece 1108 Luffy’s final pirate antagonist would then become the main final antagonist of the whole story, and would also develop in the final war, but this would of course assume that Blackbeard is actually defeated by IMU and not by Luffy defeating IMU.

If I can get used to it, I still doubt at this current stage, because this has to be done very convincingly, but a positive new could be that all this might allow Blackbeard to skip the fight with Shanks. W already knows, but personally, I have to say clearly that I think Shanks has already set up a very, very good plan, and just because Blackbeard has this dream, it doesn’t mean he will realize it.

One Piece 1108 Because we must not forget that our main protagonist is Luffy, and that Luffy is very good at destroying the dreams of others, the dreams of his opponents, and I can very well imagine that he will succeed in doing so before Blackbeard manages to get to Mary Geoise, so that we would have here two very good final fights between the main antagonists, on one hand Luffy against Blackbeard and Luffy against IMU. But personally, I find the direction extremely interesting that the story is taking here and which emphasizes this duality more and more.

One Piece 1108 Blackbeard, who walks in the footsteps of XEBEC, and Luffy, who walks in the footsteps of Roger, both have the same dreams and goals, the same interests especially, and it is precisely this duality that makes things so exciting when it comes to knowing what the will of the gods is. So write me your opinion in the comments, I am very curious what you have to say about it. There will of course also be a podcast in the next few days on the chapter and all these topics.

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