My Hero Academia 414 DEKU VS SHIGARAKI!

My Hero Academia 414 DEKU VS SHIGARAKI!

My Hero Academia 414 Today, we take a look at the spoilers for chapter 414 of My Hero Academia, which have finally arrived after an interminable delay. Isn’t it crazy? It’s Friday, so Article will also be released today. Originally, we’d been waiting for the spoilers since Thursday morning, and all Twitter, discords, everyone was getting impatient. “Where are the spoilers?” That was the big question. But finally, they’re here after a day’s wait.

My Hero Academia 414 Deku

My Hero Academia 414 DEKU VS SHIGARAKI! 1

So, let’s talk about this incredible chapter. I’ll probably repeat it several times in the Article, so I’ll say it right away: we dive straight into the action with a chapter entitled “Superposition”. We’ll understand why later.

The chapter picks up where we left off, with Deku using the Black Whip at 100%. Banjo, the fifth holder of the One For All, is impressed to see Deku using the Black Whip to move his own body. Then we even see the sixth user shocked to see Deku put his idea into practice so quickly.

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Then we have the previous users of the One For All. Coup d’eau, the second, comments that Deku doesn’t just obey orders, but uses all the knowledge he has of the One For All’s various alters to shine. Deku himself doesn’t know if he’ll be able to keep up with Shigaraki’s speed without his “Gear Shift”, but he has to trust this plan.

Next, Deku decides to transfer the “One For All” to Shigaraki by pouring his blood into Shigaraki’s wound. However, Shigaraki heals far too quickly, which poses a problem. Deku has only one chance to do this.

The chapter continues from the point of view of Shigaraki, who has a bad feeling about Deku’s latest attack. He prepares to attack, knowing that Deku has something in mind.

Deku then uses the smoke to hide and approach Shigaraki at the right moment. He bets on the fact that Shigaraki’s research alter will react to the DNA in his blood. Then Deku hits Shigaraki with phenomenal force, aggressively transmitting the Gear Shift alter to destroy him from the inside.

During the transfer of the alter, Deku has flashes of memories, including the first time Shigaraki met Toga and Dabi, as well as memories of Izuku and Shigaraki mixing together.

The chapter ends on an incredible page, with no break next week, which is super cool. We’ve been waiting for this chapter for three weeks, so it’s great that there’s no break.

So much for those spoilers. The chapter is shaping up to be really amazing, with lots of action and twists and turns. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and to find out which alter Deku will transfer to next.