One piece Chapter 1085 The will of the D? One Piece's biggest revelations!

One piece Chapter 1085 The will of the D? One Piece’s biggest revelations!

One Piece fans are eagerly awaiting One piece Chapter 1085, which promises to unveil new revelations about the mysterious Forgotten Century and the Imsama link. In this video, we present the first clues to what One Piece author Eiichiro Oda might share in this chapter.

Indices One piece Chapter 1085

  • A thunder of the storm: Two possibilities are considered. Some dream of the return of NR, a character linked to storms in animated gifs, while others think of Dragon, Luffy’s father, and the revelation of his weather-related demon fruit.
  • The robot that eats things: Refers to the isolated robot on Exceed, which revealed information about technology from the Forgotten Century. We may learn more about this robot and its connection to current storylines.
  • Marie Joie Terre Sainte: The story could be linked to the aforementioned robot and its ascent to Redline. Is it linked to Imsama’s power or to other ongoing plots?

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  • An intriguing piece of information suggests that Imsama will reveal his link with the Forgotten Century. Is she, through her experiences, her demon fruit or her powers, aware of what happened back then? Some speculate that Imsama could be a character who has lived for 800 years, thanks to the power of eternal youth, similar to Trafalgar Law’s demon fruit. It could also be that Imsama is connected to the Forgotten Century in a parallel world.

The discussion between Imsama and Cobra

A discussion between Imsama and Cobra regarding the D’s will is included in this chapter. Some fans find this strange, as Cobra is a character who risks his life by revealing secrets. This meeting could reveal more about the motivations and stakes involved in this mysterious will.

Other intriguing clues are also present in this chapter:

Characters eaten by shadows: A revelation could be made about certain characters from the past.
The Horseman: An image suggests a callback to the Divine Horseman, which could give us new information about the Divine Knights and their family ties.
It’s important to note that these hints are only speculations based on the information available so far. Full spoilers will probably be revealed in the coming days.

In conclusion, chapter 1085 of One Piece promises to be rich in revelations about the Forgotten Century.