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One Piece: Gear 5 episodes delayed again

One Piece: Gear 5 episodes delayed again

Gear 5 episodes Even though the One Piece manga has been on hiatus for a month, news about the franchise continues to pour in. A few days ago, fandom welcomed the first trailer for Netflix’s live-action film with open arms, prompting all kinds of reactions. And now, it seems, we’re getting new rumors about Toei Animation’s anime.

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All those who follow the animated series and know what happened in the manga are eagerly awaiting the introduction of “Gear 5”, which has been one of the highlights of the entire One Piece series. What’s new about it?

The Gear 5 episodes will be a long time coming.

The Gear 5 episodes will be a long time coming.
  • Gear 5 episodes rumored to be coming to One Piece anime have returned from oecuf0, the industry❗s best-known insider account.
  • Gear 5 episodes as many suspected, it seems that the airing of episodes 1071 and 1072 of the series has been delayed once again in order to create something that lives up to expectations????.
  • According to this insider, Gear 5 was due to debut in July, but we’ll now have to wait until August to see it in action⌛.
  • The reason: the delay of episode 1066, which will show Big Mom’s final battle against Law and Kid ✅❓.
  • The new release dates for the two episodes are as follows:
  • Episode 1071: August 6, 2023
  • Episode 1072: August 13, 2023
  • And as a final note, I’d like to point out that this leaker commented that episode 1072 “will be the best of the year”.
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