One piece chapter 1086 release date

One piece chapter 1086 release date

One piece chapter 1086 readers of the One Piece manga were treated to a big episode last weekend. Rumors were already circulating that episode 1085 would contain some very revealing scenes that would shake up the fandom, and so it did. Now that Im and the Gorosei are beginning to reveal their cards, is it time to return to Egghead?

We haven’t heard from Luffy and his nakamas in a while, and after all that’s happened with Shanks, Barbangra, Garp et al, it looks like we’ll soon be returning to the science island. Who else is looking forward to episode 1086 of One Piece?

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When will One piece chapter 1086 be released?

Quand sortira One piece chapitre 1086
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  • The next chapter of the manga is scheduled to be released worldwide on Sunday, June 11 at 17:00 english time?
  • Although many readers feared the arrival of another hiatus, Eiichiro Oda went back to his usual schedule and this week he will prepare another 20 pages✅
  • As usual, you will be able to read it completely free, legal and even with english translation through Manga Plus?.

One piece chapter 1086 What happened in the previous chapter?

One piece chapitre 1085
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  • Im sits on the Empty Throne and converses with Cobra about Queen Lili and the “mistake” that caused the Poneglyph to come to light and spread across the world??.
  • After this it is revealed that the true name of the former monarch of Arabasta was Nerfertari D. Lili, which provoked Im’s wrath and ended in a deadly attack towards Cobra❗❗❗❗❗
  • Sabo enters the scene and attacks the mysterious ruler, but the latter transforms into a strange creature and eats the revolutionary?? flames.
  • The Gorosei members also transform into hellish-looking enigmatic monsters❗❗❗❗❗
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  • Cobra, who knows he is about to die, asks Sabo to deliver a message to Vivi and Luffy: “We are also D.”??
  • After this the revolutionary escapes and it is seen how Wapol witnessed the whole scene because he was eavesdropping?.
  • Meanwhile Vivi was being held by the former CP-9 members, but Wapol appears on the scene and “helps” the princess escape