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One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1109, we have new information from the main leaker, as well as an explanation of the previous hint he had given. A hint seemed to show something resembling an element of a musical battery. The most discussed subject here might be something related to the “Drums of Liberation.” However, the main leaker has claimed that the hint has nothing to do with drums. It’s something else.

What caught my attention here is the shine on this drum. Could there be something related to this shine? He also provided another hint, where we see what looks like a spinning toy. The most discussed aspect of this hint is Luffy’s spinning attack. Is he going to deliver this blow to someone? Remember, this attack caused damage to Kaido, but the speculation could also be a metaphor meaning that the world will spin after this revelation.

One Piece Chapter 1109

Keep in mind that we will not only have Vegapunk’s revelation but Luffy is also fighting against two powerful characters. How will our beloved Yonko fare against an admiral and a Gorosei? Luffy shows what it means to be an Emperor of the sea.

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Dates to Remember for One Piece Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoilers

Tuesday: We should still have some hints.

Wednesday: We should have the full summary.

Thursday: The chapter should be available in scans for reading.

Sunday: Official release of the chapter.

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