One Piece Chapter 1116: Complete Leak with Images Now Available

One Piece Chapter 1116 as expected, the beginning of the week brought us numerous leaks of the next chapter of One Piece. Eiichiro Oda’s manga has a good number of insiders who dedicate themselves to sharing spoilers on social networks several days before the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump comes out. However, this time, they also alerted the community to something very serious.

A few hours ago, One Piece Chapter 1116 was completely leaked on the internet. At this moment, it is possible to read it in good quality on numerous websites, and thanks to this, we were able to confirm that this episode only has 13 pages. What does Oda tell us in this brief chapter of his star manga? Let’s dive in!

Spoilers Alert: One Piece Chapter 1116

The chapter starts with another illustration of the canon mini-story of Wano, where Yamato accepts medicines and dumplings from Otsuru. Back in Egghead, we see more reactions from the world of One Piece to Vegapunk’s words about the ancient weapons. People can’t believe that a war from 800 years ago is still active, as the people who participated in it died long ago. Meanwhile, Oda shows us Imu observing a portrait of a woman who looks VERY similar to Vivi, likely Nefertari D. Lili.

In Arabasta, they are distributing “Missing” posters to find their princess while simultaneously celebrating King Cobra’s funeral. Vegapunk comments that one of his dreams is to create an unlimited energy source that helps humanity progress, and his research culminated in Mother Flame. However, a few weeks ago, someone stole a small part of Mother Flame. Given that shortly after, a great light fell upon Lulusia, causing its total destruction, it is most likely that his invention was used to recharge an ancient weapon.

Upon saying this, Vegapunk kneels down and apologizes to the whole world. York then reveals that she was responsible for this theft. When asked how Vegapunk was able to figure it out, she realizes where the Den Den Mushi that broadcasts the message is hidden. She then informs the Five Elders that the Den Den Mushi is in the Fabriostratum, a room protected by the Iron Giant; this cyborg from the Void Century must face the Gorosei!

Meanwhile, Stussy tells Edison that she is going to release Kaku. Surprisingly, the robot thinks it’s a good idea, as he considers that gesture (added to her internal conflict) is what makes her a normal human; she is more than a clone. After apologizing, Vegapunk declares that there are people who know THE WHOLE TRUTH about the Void Century, but for some reason, they did nothing when they discovered it; these are the Roger Pirates.

The chapter ends with Rayleigh in the classic Sabaody tavern saying that Vegapunk shouldn’t say anything else, as the young people should experience the excitement of discovering the truth for themselves.

One Piece Chapter 1116: A Brief but Impactful Chapter

Despite being a brief chapter, One Piece Chapter 1116 is packed with revelations and exciting twists. The leak has given fans a sneak peek into the continuation of the story, and the anticipation is at an all-time high. The manga continues to surprise us with its unique storyline and intriguing characters. As we wait for the official release, these leaks have certainly given us something to talk about.

In conclusion, One Piece Chapter 1116, although short, brings us closer to the truth about the Void Century and the ancient weapons. The leaks have given us a glimpse into the exciting world of One Piece, and we can’t wait for the official release to see how the story unfolds. Stay tuned for more updates!