One Piece: one of anime's top directors to direct Gear 5 episode

One Piece: one of anime’s top directors to direct Gear 5 episode

Gear 5 the One Piece anime has been leaving us breathless with its animation for some time now. Toei Animation invests a lot of resources in making sure that key chapters of the Onigashima War get a “cinematic” adaptation, and this is something that was more than demonstrated with Sanji and Zoro’s fights. Now that there are just a few battles left, like Kaido and Luffy’s, what might the long-awaited Gear 5 episode look like?

Readers of the manga know that the introduction of the fifth gear was a turning point in Eiichiro Oda’s story, so we’re all eager to see how this moment will be translated into the anime. There’s no official information on this yet, but some One Piece insiders seem to have already revealed who will be in charge of directing one of the most important chapters in the entire work.

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It could be the director of the Gear 5 episode.

It could be the director of the Gear 5 episode.
  • Several well-known sites such as OPSPOILERS_2023 have assured us that Gear 5 will arrive in Megumi Ishitani’s One Piece anime ??.
  • This creator directed the 1015th episode of One Piece, the one where Luffy left us stunned when he hit Kaido with his Red Roc?????.
  • For many, this is one of the best episodes in Toei Animation’s entire animated series, which is why the fandom is so enthusiastic about this episode filtración????.
  • What this user doesn’t know, however, is which Gear 5 episode Ishitani will direct; it could be the one where he appears, the one in between, or the one where he delivers the final blow to Kaido (most people think he’ll do the former)?.