Oshi no Ko: Why the anime is not on Crunchyroll

Oshi no Ko: Why the anime is not on Crunchyroll

The Oshi no Ko anime is clearly one of the revelations of 2023, however, it’s not available on Crunchyroll.

“Oshi no Ko” is an anime that I expected to be successful, but to be honest, I had no idea that its adaptation would be as good as it is. I’ve always been a fan of Doga Kobo’s work, ultimately I think they do these quiet slices of life very well, so I was surprised by the sudden leap in terms of production they made. But that aside, it seems to be puzzling to many that the “Oshi no Ko” anime isn’t available on Crunchyroll.

What happened to the Oshi no Ko anime and its broadcast?

For those who are confused, yes, it is possible to watch the anime “Oshi no Ko” in Spain legally.

  • In itself, there’s no specific reason why Crunchyroll doesn’t broadcast l’anime, apart from the fact that other companies obtained the rights to broadcast the anime at the time.
  • Internationally, HIDIVE was the service most committed to broadcasting Oshi no Ko before it started. In Spain, on the other hand, the honor went to AnimeBox (with this link you can access the anime directly), which may not be familiar to many of you.
  • In case of doubt, AnimeBox is a streaming platform run by Selecta Vision. Every week, they add new episodes of the anime Oshi no Ko on Simulcast, although this has caused some controversy.
  • The reason is that, although AnimeBox originally announced that Oshi no Ko would be available for free streaming, the original owner of the anime’s streaming rights ultimately did NOT allow it. Thus, only one of AnimeBox’s premium subscription packages gives access to the Oshi no Ko anime.

Is it possible that Oshi no Ko will return to Crunchyroll in the future?

  • If we’re only talking about the first season, the answer would have to be no. After all, AnimeBox owns the broadcast rights. After all, AnimeBox owns the broadcast rights, and unless an agreement has been reached with the platform, there’s no reason why Oshi Ko shouldn’t be available on another service.
  • On the other hand, it’s a different story if we’re talking about a future season 2 of the anime and more content. After all, we’ve already seen that, especially in Spain, it’s easy for a license to dance between several services. A case in point is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, an anime for which you need both Crunchyroll and Netflix if you want to see all the material aired.
  • It seems that each new season or film requires a different licensing process. Another example is Crunchyroll, which obtained a license for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero despite the fact that historically Selecta Visión was the company that had released the Dragon Ball films in Spain. So, even if season 1 of Oshi no Ko is not broadcast on AnimeBox, nothing should prevent Crunchyroll from broadcasting season 2 of the anime.

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You now have the answer to the question of why “Oshi no Ko” isn’t on Crunchyroll, in case you’ve been wondering all these weeks whether episodes of the anime would ever start arriving on Crunchyroll. All I can say for now is that maybe with the excuse of watching “Oshi no Ko” you could temporarily try AnimeBox to see if it interests you, and if it doesn’t, put a little candle in the future for Crunchyroll to put its chips on Aqua and Ruby’s story.