One piece scan 1081 fans of One Piece have long been obsessed with Blackbeard and his plans. We know he’s a strategist and that he doesn’t take risks. But what secret weapon does he have to achieve his goals? In this article, we will discuss the role that pudding and its demon fruit could play in Blackbeard’s plan.

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One piece scan 1081 Blackbeard’s plan

One piece scan 1081 Blackbeard's plan

Blackbeard is known for following a long-term plan and not doing things by halves. He has waited many years for a particular demon fruit and has patiently searched for it. His biggest betrayal in the history of One Piece on Marineford showed that he is a maximum strategist who acts with extreme precision. So one wonders what his current plans are and how he will implement them.

One piece scan 1081 Pudding’s skills

One piece scan 1081 Pudding's skills

One piece scan 1081 Pudding is from the Three Eyes tribe and has the ability to manipulate, cut, paste and alter memories. This means she can alter other people’s memories to her liking. This ability could prove crucial to Blackbeard’s plan.

One piece scan 1081 The demon fruit of Pudding

One piece scan 1081 The demon fruit of Pudding

Pudding also has a devil fruit, the devil fruit of memory. It allows him to manipulate memories, as mentioned earlier. But what if Blackbeard wants to use this ability to his advantage to carry out his plan?

One piece scan 1081 Pudding, Blackbeard’s secret weapon

One piece scan 1081 Pudding, Blackbeard's secret weapon

There are several reasons why Pudding could be Blackbeard’s secret weapon:

  • Pudding has a rare devil fruit, the memory devil fruit, which could be useful to Blackbeard’s plan.
  • Blackbeard is a strategist who doesn’t rely on coincidence or possible random things. Therefore, he would not rely on a random person to awaken an ability.
  • Pudding is from the Three Eyes tribe, and there is a legend that if this ability is awakened, they can read and decipher the brown glyphy. This is probably the bridge to the voice of the universe. We know that the voice of the universe may in itself belong to Gl porn, but in detail it is still a big question mark.

Pudding could manipulate people’s memories to support Blackbeard’s plan.

In the world of One Piece, secrets are many and Blackbeard is one of the biggest. His plan is not clear, but we can assume that he follows a long-term plan in which he takes no risks. The pudding and his demon fruit could be of vital importance to Blackbeard’s plan. We’ll see if our assumptions are confirmed and how Blackbeard will use his secret weapon.