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Release date Berserk Chapter 374

Release date Berserk Chapter 374

Berserk Chapter 374 the Berserk manga enjoys very special treatment from its publishers. Unlike other works such as One Piece (where deadlines are fairly rigid), studio GAGA has a great deal of freedom to prepare the chapters of this work properly. They don’t want Miura’s legacy to fall from grace like this, and that’s to be welcomed.

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Berserk Chapter 374 that’s why it’s sometimes hard to know when the next Berserk chapter will arrive. The last chapter was released at the end of May, but according to the latest information from Japan, we’ll have to wait many more weeks to discover the next chapter in Guts’ story.

When will Berserk Chapter 374 be released ?

When will Berserk Chapter 374 be released ?
  • The next chapter of Berserk has no official release date, however it is possible to deduce it logically✅
  • Considering that the manga will be absent from the next two issues of Young Animal magazine (which is published bimonthly), in principle it is expected that chapter 374 will arrive in the issue that will be released on July 7 2023.
  • If this is not the case, Studio GAGA will have to make an official statement announcing that they need more time to prepare the chapter.
  • And where will you be able to read it when it comes out: well unfortunately there is no legal way to enjoy the new of the work until it comes out in physical format (unless you resort to piracy)❌.
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