Release date Dr. Stone episode 3 season 3

Release date Dr. Stone episode 3 season 3

The anime “Dr. Stone” has been with us for several years now. This is only possible for franchises that earn a place in the hearts of their fans around the world, which animehas undoubtedly managed to do. Stone. This success has allowed it to present its season 3 in the spring, of which we already know the number of episodes.

However, today I am not here to tell you about the achievements of this anime. What I will tell you is exactly when and where we can see the next episode of “Dr. Stone”. Are you looking forward to it? Then don’t miss the details below.

When will be released Dr. Stone episode 3 season 3

Here is all the information about it:

Date: Thursday, April 20.

Where: via the Dr. Stone tab on Crunchyroll. ⭐️

So much for the information about the premiere of the next episode of Anime”. Although we’re only a few episodes in… What did you think of the season opener? I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.