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Solo Leveling Episode 10 release date

Solo Leveling Episode 10 release date

Solo Leveling Episode 10 will reach the round number of 10 episodes this week. The anime has become Crunchyroll’s most watched anime and, according to the platform itself, exists thanks to the enthusiasm of its fans. We’ll see if, in time, Jinwoo ends up having as successful a hunting career as his series.

Today, I’m here to tell you exactly where and when we’ll be able to see the next episode of “Solo Leveling“. If you don’t want to miss the evolution of the story, I’m giving you all the details right now.

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When will Solo Leveling Episode 10 be released?

Here’s all the information you need:

Date: Saturday, March 16. 🗓 Where: via the “Solo Leveling” tab on Crunchyroll. 👀

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