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Spoiler My Hero Academia Chapter 388 a stupid brother burns his family

Spoiler My Hero Academia Chapter 388 a stupid brother burns his family

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 begins with a flashback showing Kendo capturing two villains who are spying for All For One and informing them that they have disrupted the evacuation system, so all the heroes must now evacuate the citizens outside.

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The AU robots stand guard outside and wait for the heroes’ orders to evacuate the citizens.

The heroes have also ordered the citizens not to take any other route, as Dabi’s fire might hit them. But the Todoroki family seems to ignore this order.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388

My Hero Academia Chapter 388

Rei, Shoto’s mother, looked worried. She immediately took one of the robot bikes and told Natsuo to protect his brother. Rei then ordered the robot motorcycle to go into Dabi’s fire.

Back from the flashbakc, the robot Rei was using seems to have been damaged. Meanwhile, Rei, who managed to arrive, shouts Dabi’s real name, Touya.

Enji (Endeavour) asks if Rei is using her Quirk to resist the heat. Enji then tells Rei to stay away because the heat from the fire could burn her. However, Rei seemed to reject this idea and said “you are both the same”.

Dabi then said “Mom…Natsu_COPY Fuyumi…” and Rei apologized to her. Dabi’s words made Rei realize that Natsuo and Fuyumi had also come.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 The Family

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 The Family

Rei then said that they shouldn’t be here, but Fuyumi replied that she didn’t want to lose anyone else either.

Meanwhile, Natsuo remembered all of Touya’s complaints that he had ignored and imagined what would have happened if he had paid attention. Natsuo then cried out, “Stop making a fuss, stupid brother!

Endeavour immediately thought that if he used more fire, he could take Dabi higher, which would allow him to reach his limit.

Endeavour then said, “Please don’t take them away from me too”. The chapter ends with Endeavour imagining a happy family life in the future.

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