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One Piece chapter 1084 suspicions that one of the Divine Knights Shanks is not Yonko

One Piece chapter 1084 suspicions that one of the Gods Knights Shanks is not Yonko

One Piece chapter 1084 Yonko Shanks the redhead is back in the spotlight of One Piece fans after a silhouette of him appeared among the Holy Knights.

The big question is whether Shanks is one of them, or if there are others who look like him in the organization.

Since 2018, One Piece fans have been wondering about a panel containing Shanks’ encounter with Gorosei in chapter 907.

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How could he meet them, when he is of course a famous and most hunted pirate?

How did he manage to sneak into Mary Geoise when security was so tight?

One piece Chapter 1084 Who was the pirate they needed to talk to?

All these questions have remained unanswered for years and Oda has not revealed any clues about these conversations.

However, it seems that light is shed with the appearance of Shanks’ silhouette in yesterday’s last chapter.

What if the person who spoke to Gorosei was not the real Yonko Akagami Shanks?

Shanks appeared in chapters 1, 19, 234, 434, 506, 552, 579, 580, 590, 903, 907, 958, 1054, 1055, 1059, and 1079 (excluding the flashbacks).

In none of these chapters did Oda draw Shanks without the scar on his face, or decide not to show it.

Even from angles where we can see part of his face, Oda still decided to draw his scars.

Every time Shanks appears, Oda makes a point of showing the particular scar.

Did Oda intentionally add a mystery to the conversation between someone like Shanks and Gorosei?

One Piece chapter 1084 Oda still decided to draw his scars

One Piece chapter 1084 suspicions that one of the Divine Knights Shanks is not Yonko

Or is the sign deliberately drawn this way to hide the fact that the character might not be Shanks?

Also, it is never mentioned in the conversation that the person is Yonko Shanks.

There is no narrator box, and Gorosei doesn’t even call him “The Redhead” or Shanks.

Usually, when there is a big meeting like this, there is a confirmation of the identity of the panel members, Reverie for example.

There is a theory that the man talking to Gorosei is none other than one of the 9 sacred knights, especially the one standing in the center.

Whether it is another clone or a twin brother, the theory states that Oda has always drawn/displayed Shanks with his scars.

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