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One Piece Chapter 1084 Surprises two members of God Knights turn out to be clones of Shank and Dragon

One Piece Chapter 1084 Surprises two members of God Knights turn out to be clones of Shank and Dragon

The mystery of the God Knight troops is slowly revealed in One Piece Chapter 1084.

Indeed, Eiichiro Oda has just given a clue in One Piece 1084 about the identity of two members of God Knight.

Two of the nine members of God Knight turn out to be clones of Shanks and Dragon.

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How can the world government make clones of Shanks and Dragon? Here is a review of One Piece 1084.

One piece chapter 1084 Dragon

As we know, even though chapter 1084 has been reached, Oda apparently continues to bring new characters into the story, namely the God Knight Troops.

The number of members of the God Knight Troops has not yet been confirmed.

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But from the silhouette shown by Dragon, it seems that the God Knight has nine members.

One Piece Chapter 1084 sabo and God Knight

One Piece Chapter 1084 sabo and God Knight

At that time, Dragon said that the real war was about to begin because they had been sent to destroy many countries.

You can imagine the power of the God Knights, for even though there are only nine of them, they are the protectors of 170 countries affiliated with the world government.

It is interesting to note that the number nine is often associated with the guardian angels of God.

Of course, the god in question in the One Piece story can be equated with Im Sama, the king of the world.

This indirectly means that the holy knight is Im Sama’s special bodyguard.

One Piece Chapter 1084 Im Sama

One Piece Chapter 1084 Im Sama

But more interestingly, it is mentioned that one of God’s guardian angels is a Seraphim.

So it is not impossible that the nine members of the Holy Knight are clones of strong people from history.

Recently, it has been questioned whether the figure of the God Knight in the center of the scene is very similar to that of Akagami no Shanks.

It is indeed quite reasonable if we consider that the character has the same posture, clothes and sword as Shanks.

But it is interesting to note that if you look in more detail, the figure next to Shanks is actually very similar to Dragon.

The figure has the exact same posture and hair style as Dragon.

Even the figure behind Shanks looks very similar to the former Admiral Aokiji.

So the prediction that he is Shanks’ twin seems to be wrong.

Indeed, if many members of God Knight look like other characters, it means that they are clones.

Moreover, recently, Oda has started to use the concept of clones often, like one of the members of the Rocks crew named Stussy.

So it is not impossible that in One Piece 1084, it is revealed that the army of the God Knights is the result of a clone of Dragon and Shanks.

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