One Piece Chapter 1084 Kuma saved, Morley's fight against Ryokugyu is over

One Piece Chapter 1084 Kuma saved, Morley’s fight against Ryokugyu is over

One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers have been released, showing that Morley managed to free Kuma.

In the previous chapter, Morley was dealing with Admiral Ryokugyu, but in this chapter, he freed Kuma, which means that Morley managed to avoid Ryokugyu.

Morley’s fight against Ryokugyu is not a total battle, so no one wins or loses.

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One piece chapter 1084 Morley vs Ryokugyu

The main objective of the revolutionary forces was to declare war on Tenryuubito, free the slaves and save Kuma.

The admirals were only an obstacle for them, but their main objective was not to fight against the admirals.

On the other hand, the Admirals could not fight freely either, because the place of the battle was Mary Geoise.

If the Admirals go on a rampage, the destruction will be considerable and the Tenryuubito could be the victims.

No wonder the fight between the Admiral and the revolutionary commander did not last long.

One piece chapter 1084

Im Sama then appeared in the Gorosei room and talked to King Cobra. This is something extraordinary because it is the first time that a Gorosei has spoken to someone other than himself.

It is very likely that King Cobra did not know that there had been an overlord in Mary Geoise.

So it will be interesting to see the expression and reaction of King Cobra.

When Im Sama appeared, he mentioned Lily’s name and had more to say