Spoiler My Hero Academia Chapter 425: Graduation Ceremony and a New Beginning for Class 2-A!

Spoiler My Hero Academia Chapter 425: Graduation Ceremony and a New Beginning for Class 2-A!

My Hero Academia fans have something to be excited about, as Chapter 425 has just been released and it’s filled with emotional moments and unexpected twists! Titled “Out of Season,” this chapter takes place in a festive atmosphere as the U.A. graduation ceremony is in full swing.

A Graduation Ceremony Like No Other

The chapter begins with Tamaki and Nejire receiving their diplomas, while some students cry tears of joy and sadness at the end of their journey at U.A. Present Mic, on the other hand, takes on the role of DJ and tries to liven up the ceremony in the absence of farewell flowers.

Kirishima remarks that the event is more like a festival than a graduation ceremony, and the narration informs us that we are now in June. Tamaki asks Nejire if her wound has healed, and she replies that it’s thanks to Mirio that she was able to recover, as he was watching over them after their defeat against Tomura.

Mirio’s Heartfelt Speech

The narration then focuses on Nezu’s efforts for the reconstruction project, and we learn that he has become a figure of worldwide renown. Mic thanks Mawata Fuwa for his speech and calls Mirio Togata to the stage.

The young man approaches with great dignity, leaving the students in awe, as they were expecting him to make a joke. Mirio declares that, even though they have lost everything and haven’t achieved their goal, heroes will continue to fight for a “positive” world rather than aiming for the “absolute zero.” He ends his speech by quoting Sir Nighteye’s words: “Follow us, if you will.”

Aoyama’s Departure and Shinso’s Arrival

After Mirio’s speech, the ceremony continues in a joyful and cheerful mood. In the temporary Class 2-A, Aizawa is still the homeroom teacher, and Ashido is thrilled to be able to be taught by him again.

Sero asks Bakugou if he should go to the hospital, but he replies that he has permission to stay, as long as he doesn’t cause any trouble. Aizawa then invites Aoyama to the class, and he announces that he is leaving U.A.

Jirou asks Aoyama if he has changed his mind, but he replies that, even though Tsukauchi told him he could stay, he thinks that leaving is the right decision. He feels guilty for joining U.A. at AFO’s request and doesn’t think he has the right to attend the third-year graduation ceremony.

Aoyama decides to follow the path of heroism and ends up shaking the hand that Deku offers him. He sheds a few tears and gives Deku a bowl of cold noodles as a farewell gift.

Aoyama leaves the class, leaving the students emotional about his departure. To lighten the mood, he fires lasers in all directions and reveals a surprise: Shinso is going to join Class 2-A! The students are thrilled and cheer for their new classmate, while Aoyama feels a little left out and fires lasers again.

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