Spoilers for chapter 259 of Jujutsu Kaisen Major return of a character

Spoilers for chapter 259 of Jujutsu Kaisen Major return of a character

Attention Jujutsu Kaisen fans, chapter 259 has just been released and it’s both epic and tragic. We lose one character and reunite with another. Sadly, Choso dies in this chapter, but Todo makes his grand return to the story. It seems that he can use his curse technique, Boogie Woogie, and we’ll explain everything in this article. But first, let’s look back at the previous chapter.

We saw Sakuna use his domain expansion, which led to him using his fire arrow, Camino. This was the cliffhanger of the previous chapter. Was he going to kill someone with it? What was Yuji going to do? We’ll find out in this chapter.

The beginning of the chapter

The chapter begins with Yuji and Choso. Yuji asks Choso to teach him convergence, but Choso is not a good teacher. C clearly explains how blood manipulation and convergence work. Choso suggests teaching Yuji how to use the Supernova attack, but K refutes this suggestion and says that Yuji should learn blood manipulation just to learn how to stop bleeding and stitch things up. Choso is saddened and sulks at not being able to teach Yuji.

This is clearly a flashback to a month ago, before Gojo faced Sakuna. We learn more about how Yuji developed blood manipulation. We knew it was taught by Choso, but we didn’t know it was also taught by Camo, the other blood manipulation user in the group. We also knew that Yuji had learned blood manipulation to stop his bleeding, as his unique body, born from a death painting of the ancient Noroshi that Kinjaku inhabited, allows him to convert cursed energy into blood without having to do it manually. Now, we learn more about Yuji learning direct attacks with blood manipulation.

Yuji’s curse technique hapter 259 of Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji also reveals that the second person he swapped with was Uta, an Aotu. It’s pretty crazy and it’s part of Yuji’s curse technique, which allows him to swap souls between people twice a month. We knew there had to be one other person, and I thought it would be Gojo, but second place goes to an Aotu. We’ll have more to say about the speculation surrounding Yuji’s exchange with an Aotu and what he might have learned from it in our full chapter review.

The return of Todo

But let’s get back to Sakuna, who shoots the fiery arrow at Camino. He explains that he can only use Camino after using Dismantle and Cleave in his domain, and that he had to take a vow to do so. Camino’s heat causes decompression and overpressure, resulting in the death of living beings in the domain. It was Sakuna’s ultimate technique that killed Mahara in a single blow.

However, before the arrow hits Yuji, Choso sacrifices himself and creates a barrier of blood around himself to protect Yuji. Choso dies slowly, apologising for having been useless during their training. Yuji and Choso are in their imaginary soul world, where Choso compliments Yuji for learning the reverse curse technique faster than him. Yuji says it’s because Sakuna used his body, but Choso says it’s normal for little brothers to outdo their big brothers.

That’s when Choso dies, and it’s not a fake suspense or anything. He’s definitely dead. In a last ditch effort, he created a barrier of blood around Yuji to protect him from the fiery arrow, but he got completely burnt in the process. There are more sequences where they exchange some pretty moving dialogue, but we’ll go through those in our full chapter review.

Back in reality, Choso says his last words, thanking Yuji for becoming his brother.

Yuji says goodbye to Choso, thanking him in turn. Everything is falling apart around him, and Yuji is desperate for someone to help him. Just then, Todo arrives on the battlefield to help his brother.

Todo is back, and he’s even got a hand again. We don’t know what’s under it, because it’s all bandaged up, but he can still use his curse technique to some extent. In a flashback just after this, Todo and Maki are planning how to rescue the people trapped in Sukuna’s estate. Using Maki’s crows and Todo’s Boogie Woogie technique, they can get the people out of the estate, as Sukuna’s estate kills instantly. However, Todo can’t guarantee their lives, but it’s worth a try.

It seems that Todo used Boogie Woogie on the crows to get people out of Sukuna’s domain in the previous chapter. However, we don’t know how he activates his technique, because May says that since Todo will be outside Sukuna’s domain, he needs to extend the reach of his curse technique by a lot. She asks if he can really do it with those arms, and Todo says he’s not sure if he can, but he can feel Boogie Woogie’s heart.

There’s definitely something going on with Todo’s hand underneath the bandages. He might have a cursed hand or something, or they might have done something to give him a fake hand or some kind of forbidden reverse curse technique or binding vow. However, Todo says he can’t let Yuji know his plan. Yuji and Sakuna were two souls in one body, even if it was in the past, that connection is strong. So there is a possibility that their plan will be unwittingly revealed to Sakuna.

Todo essaie d’encourager Yuji en lui disant que les autres sorciers sont probablement en sécurité. Yuji essaie de se convaincre que les autres sorciers vont bien et qu’il doit croire en Todo pour le moment. Yuji et Todo se précipitent vers Sakuna, tandis que le narrateur révèle que Sakuna est maintenant à son état de mots. Il est difficile pour lui d’utiliser sa technique de malédiction après l’expansion de domaine. La voie de la victoire liée par les frères.


It’s amazing, but it’s also bitter, because we could have had the trio of Yuji, Choso and Todo, who are technically brothers. We still don’t know why Todo thinks Yuji is his brother and why he has these memories of them being at another school together. We still don’t know much about Todo, in fact. However, it’s always cool to see the duo back, because when they fight together, it’s one of the best moments of the series.

We saw that when the two faced off against Hanami and Mjo in two separate parts of seasons 1 and 2. We’re sure we’ll get that with the trio here against Sakuna, but let’s not forget that it’s Sakuna and he could very well kill Todo too. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Let us know what you think of all this in the comments and if you like this article, feel free to share it and subscribe for more Jujutsu Kaisen content.