THE GREATEST OF HEROES! My Hero Academia 422 spoilers

THE GREATEST OF HEROES! My Hero Academia 422 spoilers

we’re going to dive into the spoilers for chapter 422 of My Hero Academia. If you haven’t yet read the previous chapters, I recommend you do so before continuing. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The continuation of chapter 421 My Hero Academia

Chapter 422 begins directly after the events of chapter 421, which was an incredible and symbolic chapter for Izuku and all the heroes. Aoyama is left behind by Olfan’s tentacles, which have destroyed part of the ground. He uses his alter to create black projectiles and orders Izuku to keep running. Aizawa tries to ask Shirakumo to open a new portal, but he has no strength left to use his alter.

Heroes against All For One

The heroes continue to attack All For One, but their attacks seem to have no effect on him. He’s far too powerful and can counter any attack with ease. HF prepares to use the total release of all his alter’s factors, which he had already done with Bakugo. This time, he says, it will be different because he is no longer dominated by his negative emotions.

A-class heroes intervene

Momo and Kamari of the A-class intervene and reflect HF’s laser to prevent it from hitting Izuku. Other A-class heroes try to attack All For One, but he easily stops them. Shoji and Tsuyu catch Izuku with their alters and throw him forward towards All For One.

Izuku’s weakness

All For One doesn’t understand why these heroes who can barely move keep fighting and don’t die. He remembers what he told Izuku in the remains about the weakness of his alter, the One For All. However, he realizes that this weakness is something All Might didn’t have, and that it’s what makes Izuku’s friends get up again and again, never giving up.

Gentle reappears and makes a trampoline to help Izuku. Tsuyu’s arms are there to support him, and Ida takes his hand. Each of the characters has a small role to play in helping Izuku move forward. The American pilots take care of M’s injuries, and he says that seeing Izuku run that day helped him to do the same and not give up.

The greatest hero

The chapter ends with All Might raising his arm to the sky and saying, “That day, you became my greatest hero.” These words from All Might are incredible and show just how much Izuku has evolved and how important he is to all heroes.

And that’s it, folks! Those were the spoilers for chapter 422 of My Hero Academia. I hope you enjoyed it and are as excited as I am for what’s to come. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any future videos. Until the next one!