"The Witch and The Beast" Anime: The Disappointment in 2024

“The Witch and The Beast” Anime: The Disappointment in 2024

The Witch and the Beast if anyone is really involved in the manga and anime industry, I’m sure at some point they felt panic upon learning that one of their favorite manga was going to be adapted into an anime. Because let’s be honest, if everything is done correctly, it can often make for an exceptional adaptation, and in some cases, as is the case with “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” it can even elevate the original product considerably. However, there are also disappointing cases, like that of “The Witch and the Beast”.

“The Witch and The Beast” is a merely “okay” anime that doesn’t take full advantage of an IP with potential.

  • For those who don’t watch the anime “The Witch and the Beast” or don’t know what it’s about, in summary, it deals with several supernatural affairs where the enemies are usually witches, zombies, necromancers and other dark fantasy creatures. The product itself is very solid… but the anime is less so.
  • “The Witch and the Beast” is an anime that constantly leaves you with the feeling that it could be much better. 😅 Some character designs have a very attractive base, but when adapted into anime they look much more simplified and flat. 😶

Season 2 of The Creature from Kyŏngsŏng confirmed by Netflix

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The same can be said of animation; despite the fact that it’s a series that could stand out due to its many fight scenes, in the end it does the bare minimum to represent them in the anime. Overall, it feels like Yokohama Animation Lab’s work is just enough to get by. 😣

Moreover, on platforms like MAL (MyAnimeList) and AniList, there is a notable difference between the ratings of the manga and those of the anime:
On MyAnimeList, the anime has a current rating of 7.23, while the manga gets a solid 8.16.
The situation is similar on AniList: the anime only has a modest 6.9, while the manga shines with an 8.1.

In general, the main shortcoming that can be attributed to the anime of “The Witch and the Beast” is that it fails to capture the beauty of the original work. Yokohama Animation Lab’s animation lacks soul in every way, and it’s hard to find a moment where it truly does justice to Kousuke Satake’s original work. 😥