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Black clover chapter 357 Asta's reaction to the discovery of the captain's death

Black clover chapter 357 Asta’s reaction to the discovery of the captain’s death

Black clover chapter 357, we will discuss the main events of the last chapter of the manga Black Clover, which was recently leaked. Recall that so far there is no full translation of the chapter, but we have enough information to understand the plot.

Black clover chapter 357 The light stops the attack of Yuno

The chapter starts with Lights stopping Yuno’s attack easily, using only one hand and without any effort. He claims to have gained superhuman physical strength since he got the power of Lucifer. He shows seriousness while looking at Yuno and doesn’t worry in the least about what the latter might do to try to stop him.

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Black clover chapter 357 The extraordinary magic of Yuno

Lucuis observes Yuno’s Neverland and says that such extreme magic cannot be maintained for long. He says that such magic would only prolong Yuno’s suffering. Then, Lucuis demonstrates that he has infinite abilities and that from here, everything will change.

Black clover chapter 357 Angels and paladins

In another part of the chapter, we see the mages fighting the angels scattered throughout the Kingdom of Clover. With the help of Yuno’s power, they finally have a small chance to defeat the leaders of the scene.

In conclusion, the last chapter of Black Clover brought a lot of action and important revelations. Lights’ power seems to be spinning out of control, and Yuno’s Neverland may be in danger. The angels and paladins remain a threat, but the mages can finally fight on equal terms. We look forward to the next issue of the manga.

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