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One Piece 1078 SPOILER The identity of the TRAITOR revealed!

One Piece 1078 SPOILER The identity of the TRAITOR revealed!

One Piece 1078, we’re going to look at the spoilers for chapter 1078 of One Piece. These spoilers were confirmed this morning, after being leaked last night. We’ll discuss the identity of the traitor who attacked Pythagoras and broke cameras, as well as the clues that led us to this revelation.

The identity of the traitor One piece 1078

We all assumed that the traitor was everyone, but that turned out to be wrong. We looked at several characters and discovered that one of Dr. Vega Punk’s clones was the traitor. We deduced this by observing that some clones cannot give orders to Seraphim, and that one of them had already done so. This led to the revelation that one of the clones was in fact the traitor.

Deception and alternative theories One piece 1078

Deception and alternative theories One piece 1078

While the revelation was interesting, it was not satisfying for some fans. Some were hoping that the traitor would be an overpowered and developed character, created especially for the occasion. Others proposed alternative theories, such as Doflamingo’s Seraphina deciding to take over from the other Seraphina because of her heavenly dragon genes.

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Conclusion One piece scan 1078

Conclusion One piece scan 1078

One piece Chapter 1078 of One Piece promises to be exciting, with the revelation of the identity of the traitor. While some fans may be disappointed by the revelation, it raises even more questions and theories. We can’t wait to find out what the future holds for our favorite One Piece characters.

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