Mashle : Que signifient les lignes sur les visages des personnages ?

Mashle : What do the lines on the characters’ faces mean?

Mashle” is one of the best comedy anime released so far in 2023 (you can watch it on Crunchyroll), but if you also like action, you won’t be disappointed. The universe of “Mashle” plunges the viewer into a context where magic is absolutely everything, which Mash, the protagonist without magical powers, understands better than anyone. But what are the strange lines that appear on the characters’ faces and how are they related to magic itself?

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Quelles sont les lignes sur les visages des personnages de Mashle ?

  • The explanation of lines is simple: they represent those who can use magic.
  • In fact, in today’s world of Mashle, everyone has lines because everyone can use magic… or almost.

Mash is an example of how there are still some people who are born without the ability to use magic. That is why, in Mash’s case, it is necessary to pretend that he has powers by painting a line on his face.

Why is such a thing necessary? In fact,the society has completely sidelined those who do not possess magical powers, in order to obtain a “superior” genetic structure. Thus, those who do not have lines, which implies the absence of magical power, are persecuted to the point of being eliminated in the most extreme cases.

How does the meaning of the Mashle lines change (SPOILERS)?

  • The explanation that Mashle lines represent the user’s magical power has several things to consider.
  • The most important thing to know about Mashle lines is that, although almost everyone has one line on their face, it is actually possible to have even more.
  • In very rare cases, some magicians can be born with two lines on their face (or awaken a second line). These cases occur in one out of every 100,000 people and obviously give the user much greater magical powers than those with only one line on their face.

In even more exceptional cases, some are able to awaken a third line of magical power. The greatest peculiarity of these wizards (besides having the greatest magical power) is that they have the ability to activate the “true form” of a wand. At present, there are no known cases of wizards born with three lines, but only wizards who have awakened a third.

Personally, I suppose the “Mashle” lines are just another way to parody Harry Potter, in this case the scar of the protagonist of J.K. Rowling’s franchise. After all, we’ve seen what looks like a Quidditch adaptation so far, as well as a superior wizard very similar to Dumbledore, among other things. So I won’t be surprised if “Mashle” ends up introducing Deathly Hallows-like artifacts.