Review One piece chapter 1078

Review One piece chapter 1078

One piece chapter 1078 In this chapter of One Piece, we witness an increasingly dangerous situation developing around Vegapunk. The navy has given orders to eliminate Vegapunk and the research he did on the forgotten century. In addition, Luffy, an emperor, is also involved in the situation, which makes it even more complex and dangerous. In this article, we will look at the different parts of the chapter and analyze the important events that take place.

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One piece chapter 1078 Marine arrives

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The chapter starts with Stacy contacting Sento Maru to explain the situation. The navy arrives and Kizaru is also involved. This is considered a worse incident than Wara, because Vegapunk has the means to fight back and Luffy, an emperor, is also involved. The inhabitants of Aide are therefore invited to leave as soon as possible to avoid any problem with the navy.

One piece chapter 1078 Seraphim

One piece chapter 1078 Seraphim
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We are then introduced to Estate, the seraph, who is with Usopp, Franky, Lilith and Pythagoras. Franky has been partially petrified, but can still speak and move his left side. He asks Estate to stop the situation and undo everything that has happened, but she refuses. Pythagoras asks Estate who gave him the order, but she refuses to answer and stomps on him, causing a massive explosion. It is likely that Pythagoras is dead and Franky is in great danger. He is all alone and in danger of being petrified entirely.

One piece chapter 1078 Robin and Brook

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Robin and Brook face a group of soldiers, but their main concern is Nami. She was in danger because she was attacked by a mysterious creature. Robin and Brook fear that Nami is in danger and they can’t help but worry about her.

Conclusion One piece chapter 1078

Overall, chapter 1078 of One Piece is filled with action and tension. The situation around Vegapunk is becoming increasingly complex and dangerous, with the navy and an emperor involved. Franky is in mortal danger, and the other crew members are also facing many problems. We look forward to seeing what happens in the next chapters of One Piece, and hope that the crew members can overcome all the difficulties they face.