One Piece Chapitre 1079, Deux Groupes Différents Se Rendent Sur L’île D’Egghead Pour Aider Luffy

Until the approach of One Piece Chapter 1079 manga, there have been many speculations or theories that are very popular among fans.

Indeed, there have been many speculations or theories about the manga One Piece Chapter 1079. So in this article, we will discuss all the speculations.

The next One Piece Chapter 1079 will probably show Morgans in a hot air balloon. Here, Morgans’ position has almost reached Egghead Island, even Morgans can see a very large convoy of Navy ships coming from different directions.

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One piece chapter 1079 the outcome of the Egghead Island incident

One piece chapter 1079 the outcome of the Egghead Island incident

Morgans seemed very excited to wait for the outcome of the Egghead Island incident, then one of Morgans’ informants reported that a Gorosei had participated in the battle, it was the Gorosei Saint Jegarcia Saturn.

Morgans looked surprised, he didn’t think that the Egghead Island incident would directly involve one of the Gorosei.

On the other hand, birds carrying newspapers began flying from Morgans’ airship. This showed that the newspaper containing the news of Luffy and Dr. Vegapunk was ready to spread.

Then, the location of several large fleets of Pirates in the Straw Hat, they were seen reading the latest newspaper written by Morgans.

News reports that the Straw Hat Yonko will be dealing with the world government.

The large fleet of Mugiwaras is seen preparing to leave for Egghead Island.

The film then cuts to the location of Rayleigh, who is still with Boa Hancock. Rayleigh has seen Luffy’s short stories written by Morgans.

Ralyleigh is not surprised by the news, as Rayleigh knows that it is a lie on the part of the Morgans.

One Piece Chapter 1079 the news about Luffy and Dr. Vegapunk.

One Piece Chapter 1079, two different groups go to Egghead Island to help Luffy 3 One piece chapter 1079 vegapunk trhi

Boa Hancock who read the news was immediately upset, he was very worried about Luffy’s condition if he had to fight against Admiral Kizaru and Gorosei.

Eventually, Boa Hancock asked Rayleigh to take him to Egghead Island, even though there were many risks involved, as she herself was the target of many enemies. But at least Boa Hancock hopes to help Luffy on Egghead Island.

After showing the location of the Cross guild, they would also read the news about Luffy and Dr. Vegapunk.

Buggy seemed excited as he read the news, while Mihawk remained calm and Crocodile seemed very excited, he thought it was a golden opportunity to lead a massive attack against the Navy.

Since they were not yet at the base, Buggy was very surprised by Crocodile’s wishes, he did not agree at all, but there was nothing he could do about it. Meanwhile, Mihawk kept quiet and left Crocodile.