When will Kinsou no Vermeil season 2 be released?

When will Kinsou no Vermeil season 2 be released?

Kinsou no Vermeil season 2 is the expected sequel to the popular magical shota-con anime that first aired in the summer of 2022. It has been a year since the first season ended and viewers are still wondering whether or not there will be a new season.

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So here is everything we know so far about whether or not Kinsou no Vermeil Season 2 will take place in 2023, as well as its possible release date.

The Japanese anime Vermeil in Gold, short for “Vermeil in Gold: A desperate magician breaks into the magical world alongside the strongest calamity” is an adaptation of a manga series written by Kota Amana and illustrated by Yoko Umezu.

The story follows Alto Goldfield who is studying to become a magician at the Academy of Magic in Ortigia. By accident, he summons a female demon who appears to be a succubus and is very powerful.

Studio Staple Entertainment produced the first season of the anime, which officially ran for 12 episodes from July 5, 2022 to September 20, 2022 on various local networks in Japan.

Kinsou no Vermeil season 2 HIDIVE airs anime outside of Japan with dubbing, and receives a mixed reception from viewers and critics. While educated people love it for its fan service, some sections of the anime community don’t like the age dynamic between the two main characters.

When will Kinsou no Vermeil season 2 be released?

As of April 2023, Vermeil in Gold season 2 does not yet have an air date as it has not yet been confirmed. However, if the new season is confirmed, it will likely air in mid-2025, or possibly late 2025.

Kinsou no Vermeil season 2 Indeed, it takes about 1-2 years to gather enough basic material, and it also takes 1-2 years to create a new season.

For the moment, no official announcement has been made, so readers should keep in mind that this is only speculation.

However, we invite you to watch this space as we will update it as soon as something official is announced, which should happen in the coming months.

Will there be a Kinsou no Vermeil season 2 ?

At the time of writing, Studio Staple Entertainment, publisher Square Enix or other members of the production committee have not officially renewed the anime for a second season.

Many anime manage to get a new season after the end of the season, but unfortunately, Kinsou no Vermeil is notone of them.

Kinsou no Vermeil Season 1July 5, 2022
Kinsou no Vermeil Season 2Not yet announced

Production studios take into account various financial and commercial parameters before announcing renewals and it is possible to know whether or not an anime will have a new season by carefully evaluating these three factors:

  • Availability of information sources
  • Sale
  • Popularity

I used the same method for Eminence in Shadow, Takagi-san and World Trigger and so far it has been effective.

We will now discuss these factors to find out if the anime Kinsou no Vermeil will have a sequel or not.

Are there enough sources for Kinsou no Vermeil season 2 ?

The anime Kinsou no Vermeil is a direct adaptation of the manga series written by Kota Amana and illustrated by Yōko Umezu.

It began publication in Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine in August 2018.

The first volume of the manga was released on April 12, 2019, and the last volume was released on April 12, 2023.

A total of seven volumes have been published so far, and the manga is still in progress.

The first season of theanime adapted the first 5 volumes out of the 7 available, leaving only 2 volumes of content to adapt, which was not enough to make another 12 episode season.

Conclusion: For now, our biggest concern about the show’s opposition is the lack of source material for the anime, as this is the backbone of any anime.

It will take another two years to accumulate enough chapters because of the slow monthly publication of the manga.

But on the bright side, the story continues and writer Kota Amana has a long-term plan for the story. Thus, Vermeil’s future in Gold Season 2 remains promising.

The only problem was that it took a long time for the story to reach the point where the next season could be animated.

Kinsou no Vermeil Anime Rating

The first animated adaptation of Kinsou no Vermeil was positively received by Western fans, with many viewers and critics rating it as better than the original material on some points.

The series has received positive reviews from viewers around the world, scoring a decent 6.8 on MyAnimeList and ranking 932nd in terms of popularity, but has a strong following of 236,000 on its MAL group.

It has a larger fan base than other series such as Black Summoner, Parallel World Pharmacy and My Isekai Life which were aired at the same time.

It also received an outstanding rating of 6.5/10 on IMDb and an approval rating of 67% on AniList, which shows that the popularity of the series is very high despite its young age.

In conclusion, the anime series has been very popular in Japan and the West and has generated a lot of revenue from the sale of merchandise, which proves that the series has a strong and loyal fan base.

The only problem is the lack of source material, but if the manga manages to maintain the hype by continuing to publish chapters at a regular pace and the producers remain interested, then we can probably expect a sequel in the near future.

Kinsou no Vermeil Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for Vermeil in Gold Season 2 available yet, but we will update this page as soon as it is released on their official youtube channel.

On the other hand, here’s the trailer for the first season, which you should watch to remind yourself how wholesome the premiere was.

What will happen in season 2 of Kinsou no Vermeil?

As the first season covers the first five volumes, the next season of the anime Kinsou no Vermeil will start with the adaptation of the sixth volume.

Amazon Japan describes the contents of Volume 6 as follows (Note: the following description was translated using the Japanese translator DeepL, there may be some degree of error in this translation):

“The shock of the demon master! !!”

“Pope Gannett was at a disadvantage after being attacked by the enemy Platinum Square Jade, but Student Council President Elena entered the battle as a backup.

Amidst the chaos of war, Gannett, to fulfill his ambition, controls Noah’s demonic power and confronts Alto and the others…!!! Walking kingdom road fantasy, Volume 7!!!”


In conclusion, there is a good chance that Vermeil in Gold season 2 will happen and we should hear about it this year. But don’t expect a release date for the second season until 2024, as it takes time for new seasons to come to life.