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One Piece: The end of chapter 1108 reportedly confirmed the death of a key character.

One Piece: The end of chapter 1108 reportedly confirmed the death of a key character.

Although its official release has not yet occurred, insiders of One Piece have once again made their mark, and since yesterday, chapter 1108 of the manga has already been available on numerous websites. As rumors suggested, this episode contains quite remarkable scenes and ends with a cliffhanger that leaves readers on the edge of their seats.

The conclusion of 1108 confirms that Vegapunk will be tasked with transmitting a message to the entire world, thus becoming responsible for this “great incident” that the narrator of One Piece had anticipated some time ago. However, there is a detail that many seem to be unaware of. This chapter would have confirmed another significant death in the series.

The definitive farewell to Vegapunk?

  • After being pierced by one of Saturn’s arachnid legs, Dr. Vegapunk received another equally serious attack from Kizaru🩸 The admiral pierced the scientist’s body with his characteristic light sword⚡ Some users believe that Kizaru did not intend to finish him off, but actually wanted to cauterize his previous wound to prevent him from bleeding out🤔❓ However, a detail in the penultimate panel of chapter 1108 would confirm Vegapunk’s death 💀

One Piece Chapter 1108 spoilers

After receiving the attack, Vegapunk starts to smile, which surprises Sanji a lot. Then, we see that in a room in Egghead, a series of devices for video transmission begin to activate, and there is a monitor showing a heartbeat.

And just as the monitor displays a horizontal line indicating the absence of a pulse… the video starts to broadcast. Everything indicates that Vegapunk had prepared a posthumous message to be broadcasted in all countries and kingdoms of the One Piece world.

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