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One Piece chapter 1084 Sabo is dead in Lulusia, the God Knight infiltrates the revolutionary forces

One Piece chapter 1084 Sabo is dead in Lulusia, the God Knight infiltrates the revolutionary forces

A Theory One Piece chapter 1084 the world government of One Piece has finally responded to the resistance of the revolutionary forces.

This is evidenced by the deployment of the elite Divine Knight unit to curb the rebellion in various affiliated countries sparked by the revolutionary forces.

Sabo himself has become a highly respected figure by the countries that have decided to rebel against the world government.

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One Piece chapter 1084 Sabo dead ?

One Piece chapter 1084 Sabo dead

Sabo thus became one of the main targets to be eliminated by the Holy Knight.

But what if Sabo had been eliminated by the Holy Knight?

And the person who arrives on the island of Kamabakka is a member of the Holy Knight on an undercover mission.

The objective is to find out the extent of the threat posed by the guardians of the revolution, in order to destroy it as quickly as possible.

This conspiracy theory came about after Sabo was shown surviving the attack on the kingdom of Lulusia in the following discussion.

As we know, Sabo was eventually shown arriving safely in the kingdom of Kamabakka after his fate became a mystery.

The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Guards was present when the devastating attack hit Lulusia.

One Piece chapter 1084 The truth about Lulusia kingdom

One Piece chapter 1084 The truth about Lulusia kingdom

It is said that Sabo died because the attack wiped the kingdom of Lulusia off the map of the One Piece world.

Upon his return to Kamabakka, Sabo immediately filed a report on what he had seen in Reveria.

Before submitting a report, Sabo first explained why he had survived Lulusia.

Sabo stated that he and several people were on the ship before the attack reached the kingdom of Lulusia.

After receiving Sabo’s report, Dragon revealed that his chief of staff was currently the target of the Sacred Knight.

Dragon said that Sabo was targeted because he was considered the mastermind of the rebellion that occurred in eight countries.

And it is highly likely that he could encourage rebellion in other countries.

According to the conspiracy theory mentioned above, the person who returned was an agent of the world government, in this case the Sacred Knight.

Sabo actually died in Lulusia, because, as Dragon said, his chief of staff was the target of the world government.

One piece chapter 1084 Dragon Speaks of the God Knights

One piece chapter 1084 Dragon Speaks of the God Knights

Since the arrival of the revolutionary army in Marijoa, Im Sama had ordered the Sacred Knight to move.

That is why the kingdom of Lulusia was destroyed immediately after the end of the Reverie.

So why didn’t the other countries suffer the same attack? The reason is of course that the real Sabo is there.

So where is the clue that those who arrive at Egghead are members of the Holy Knight who have infiltrated?

Before launching an attack on Lulusia, the Holy Knight first prepared a conspiracy.

In particular by making Sabo the one who ordered the murder of Nevetarie Cobra.

One of the members of the Divine Knight, who possesses disguise talents, changes his appearance to look like Sabo.

He then killed King Cobra, as shown in the photo circulating in the One Piece newspaper.

In fact, the person seen with the dead body of King Cobra is a member of the Holy Knight who imitates the appearance of Sabo.

That’s why Ahiru, the deputy commander of the Eastern troops, directed her hand to attack the ship Sabo was traveling on.

Indeed, as a cyborg, she had some sort of system to recognize members of the Revolutionary Army.

Ahiru only lowered her hand when she saw with her own eyes that it was Sabo.

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